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Training Options

On-Site Workshop

Virtual meetings and appointments were a life saver during the height of the pandemic. However, in-person training is always more effective.

Our live workshop focuses on prospecting and setting appointments, which are critical career skills. All of Gail’s seminars include role playing since “doing” is as important as listening.

The program is designed to tackle the most common challenges:

  • Successful networking conversations
  • Converting a social conversation into a professional meeting
  • Effectively call your natural market
  • Creating more phone pick-ups so you can schedule more appointments
  • Learning better words to say on the phone

The schedule is customized for your team so we can pinpoint the skills most needed by your advisors.

Each on-site visit includes a meeting with management to discuss being better phone coaches.

Study Group

Virtual Training

There are several important skills that agents and managers need to master.  We offer a virtual training series that covers these key subjects, followed by role playing sessions.


Telephone Tango: Thriving in a No Pick-Up World

Advisors need to integrate the digital, vocal and personal aspects of their marketing. This webinar teaches how to properly use technology to get more people, including new referrals, to accept phone calls.

Better Scripts for Better Results

What do you say when a prospect picks up? The appointment setting phone call has a specific structure and this webinar teaches it.

Networking that Works

Being able to attend in-person events (whether business or social) requires specific conversational skills. The common problem has been having friendly but not intentional conversations. This webinar focuses on correcting this common mistake for better outcomes.

Calling Friends and Family without Hesitation

Too many advisors spend decades NOT speaking to their friends and family. This program addresses why and how to fix the problem. Specific language for friends and family are included.

Leadership Training

Managers are rarely taught how to coach advisors on phone skills. Detailing the steps of being a strong Phone Coach – and not just a cheerleader – is the focus of this seminar. This is an important training for all leaders in an agency.

Recruiting in a Virtual World

This requires different language skills so you can attract the right candidates. Many managers are unwittingly “selling” the career in their first call, instead of the interview. Specific phrases are discussed to help determine better candidates over the phone in the first encounter.


Role Playing

The need for excellent phone language is more important than ever. Despite our wish to believe that advisors know what to say, role playing is where the rubber meets the road. The goal of any role playing session is to create an environment to encourage on-going role plays at the agency. Everyone will benefit from this group activity, including managers.



Individual advisors or managers can schedule one hour sessions with Gail to get targeted help on their marketing, prospecting and appointment setting skills.


Keynote Speaker/Break Out Sessions

Please call or email to discuss your group’s event and how Gail can provide a dynamic, information-filled experience for your group.

Keynote Speakers

“Absolutely phenomenal. I really appreciated this session. Very, very personable and a joy to listen to. Throughout the session my attention was not lost of her perspective and insights given. Wonderful job.”

Chronicles of the PhoneTeacher®

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