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Prospecting and Appointment Setting

Trainer of over 70,000 Financial Advisors & Managers

Gail B. Goodman

If you’ve heard of “The PhoneTeacher,” you know Gail Goodman.
She’s well known in financial services because for three decades she’s trained financial professionals – over 80,000. Gail’s career has been devoted to helping advisors to schedule that critical, initial face-to-face appointment. Her recent book Modern Appointment Setting – Prospecting and Phoning for Financial Professionals addresses the most up to date ideas on creating new clients through setting initial appointments.

Gail has continued to adapt her training and materials to reflect our ever-changing environment. Despite the rise of technology, the human voice cannot be replaced. Initially, phones were our primary tool, but the “The Digital-Vocal-Personal Mix” is the new paradigm. It’s important to synthesize technology, phone calling and face-to-face opportunities into a more modern way of approaching today’s prospects.

You Need This Book

Modern Appointment Setting is a guide for direct sales people, and financial professionals in particular, who are struggling to get face-to-face appointments in today’s world. Smartphones, texting, emailing and social media have changed the way we do business. The old rules no longer apply. Robo-calls have created an annoying world of “too many calls from strangers,” which makes it harder for salespeople to speak to someone new. Our challenge? We need to adjust our marketing, our communications and mostly, our habits.

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Great information, perspective and ideas that I can implement into my practice right now!  Very beneficial session.

Absolutely phenomenal. I really appreciated this session. Very, very personable and a joy to listen to. Throughout the session my attention was not lost on the perspective and insights given. Wonderful job.

Gail gave an incredible presentation that was extremely thoughtful, relevant and walked us through actions to take TODAY. I wanted at least 2 more hours with her and hope she will come to our office for another presentation.

Gail was by far the most engaging speaker. She was funny, real and taught us really valuable lessons. I hope to see her again as technology changes she can help guide us on this topic.

She has Excellent knowledge of today’s world and how to get in contact with people that aren’t picking up the phone.