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Better phoning.
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Gail B. Goodman

The PhoneTeacher®

Modern Appointment Setting Book

Modern Appointment Setting

Learn Phoning and Prospecting Fundamentals
Modern Appointment Setting is the financial advisor’s guide to effectively booking new appointments in the world of smartphones, texting, emailing, and social media. This book provides advisors the language, strategies, and tools they need to reach people on the phone, speak confidently, and convert prospects to clients. The primary audience for this book is financial advisors, trainers and managers.

Setting Appointments

Setting Appointments in the Smartphone World

Adapt Your Prospecting to the Smartphone World
The pandemic presented a unique, but limited opportunity for all of us to test our ability to work virtually. Advisors who learn effective prospecting skills in our digital world will grow their practice to new heights. Setting Appointments in the Smartphone World is a guide on how to build trust, schedule more appointments, and gain new clients in a highly technological society.

Prospering in Your First Year (and Beyond)

Bill and Gail
On-Demand Referral & Appointment-Setting Video Training System for New Financial Professionals
Put The PhoneTeacher® and The Referral Coach on your personal coaching team with this comprehensive, on-demand, and easy-to-implement training program, specifically designed with you – the newer financial professional in mind. You will learn how to:
Boost Your Confidence and Skill in Getting More Referrals
Set More Appointments with Modern Appointment-Setting Skills


“Her tips were actually useful & can be implemented instantaneously to change your practice for the better.”

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