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Modern Appointment Setting

Modern Appointment Setting is a guide for direct sales people, and financial professionals in particular, who are struggling to get face-to-face appointments in today’s world. Smartphones, texting, emailing and social media have changed the way we do business. The old rules no longer apply. Robo-calls have created an annoying world of “too many calls from strangers,” which makes it harder for salespeople to speak to someone new. Our challenge? We need to adjust our marketing, our communications and mostly, our habits.

In this book, you will learn how to…
…. interplay the digital, vocal and personal aspects of your prospecting
…. get new prospects to pick up the phone
…. adapt your marketing to our technological world
…..make your networking more effective
….speak to your natural market with confidence
…..clone your favorite clients
…. create more recruiting appointments



The best two disc audio training for learning how to set more face to face appointments. Good for any direct sales team and focused on the needs of financial services professionals.

Many direct sales people are finding it difficult to get new prospects on the phone. Your marketing now has to incorporate the digital world. Learn the realities of today’s consumer and how to best reach them, speak to them, confirm and, maybe, fire them. This is most comprehensive audio training on setting more face-to-face appointments and includes examples for financial professionals.


How to set up an effective phone training and coaching system in your agency. Any sales manager or trainer needs to know the most current methods for training your producers on setting appointments. “Keep dialing” won’t work in today’s world. This is the BEST, most UP-TO-DATE information on getting all your advisors proficient at marketing setting appointments in a frustrating, low contact, high tech world.


[8 videos] $50.00 with 6 log-ins

Advisors: Video Training Seminar [8 videos] $50.00 with 6 log-ons

Our 8 training videos provide a comprehensive seminar on creating appointments in our new “no-pick up” world. Each video is designed to help advisors and managers to better understand how to change their behavior (and language) in order to achieve the ultimate result – a confirmed, face-to-face initial appointment. The video content is:

  • Digital-Vocal-Personal Marketing Mix
  • Scripting – 3 videos
  • Response Handling
  • Voice Mail & Gatekeepers
  • Confirming, No-Shows, Firing
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Pure Wealth

Entrepreneurs sometimes struggle to make a decent living. There can be many reasons for not being profitable.

Pure Wealth – 26 Ways to Crazy Profitability is an anthology by 26 smart women who share their business wisdom.

I’m so proud to be a part of this collaboration. My chapter “Women and Words” addresses the potential to shoot yourself in the foot if you’re not careful when communicating with the opposite gender. Men and women are equal but talk differently. For women in sales (and all business owners are in sales!) you may need to think before you speak.