A frequent question posed to me is: What do I do if I’ve texted and/or emailed an introduction to request a phone date and I don’t get an answer?

This is the modern version of “How many times can I call someone and how many voice mails can I leave?”

In the new technological dating world, once you start a texting relationship with someone and they suddenly stop answering, you’ve been “ghosted”. In sales, I think this question falls into the same category.

Let’s suppose a favorite client has texted a new introduction as you’ve requested. They attached your contact info and wrote:

I’m extremely happy with my financial advisor, ___________. I’ve attached her contact information. Make sure you save it in your phone. I told her to call you. Take her call. It will be worth it.

Your next move was to text the new referral a request for a phone date:

Your sister Jane has told me great things about you. Let me know some times you’re available in the next two weeks for a brief phone call.

And then……crickets.

I would wait at least a couple of days after sending this text. I would then re-text the same content. If nothing happens, ask your client if the referral may not be responding for a specific reason (out of town, family emergency, on vacation) and let them know they have not responded to you. Give your client a chance to offer to help, or, if the relationship warrants it, request help.

I suggest you repeat the pattern one more time. Ask for the referral’s email. You can always try just calling since you are now in their phone as a contact.

Be prepared for them to pick up. And be ready to leave a voice mail (if their voice mail system isn’t full – a common phenomenon these days.)

I would keep trying to contact this person but I suggest backing off to a much slower pace.

By now, you should have other prospects that are responding and helping you to forget this person. Not all introductions work out. Even if you get a phone date, not everyone will give you an appointment. There are no silver bullets for this process. If you stick to a systematic way of dealing with ghosting, you will know what is normal and what isn’t.

Have enough prospects so these incidents don’t rattle you!