One of the most frustrating things aspects of being in sales is the prospect, or client, who keeps saying “I really want to do this, but I am just so busy.” They don’t “ghost” you (that’s a different story) because they respond when you reach out to them. You just can’t get them to come to the table and either start, or complete, the process.

I would like to suggest something a little out of the box. You need to “become a professional nag.” Some of you are going to the wrong place in your mind already. Let me pull you back to where I’m going.

Once you’re in the situation where a prospect is interested but constantly busy, you need to offer your help. Our best clients are often the busy, successful ones and they genuinely need to do their planning. But they can’t seem to make room in their calendar for something not related to their business TO DO list.

I knew a manager who kept telling me that he really, really wanted to do my program but was so busy. No matter what I said to counter his “busy” problem, I was getting nowhere. So I offered the following:

“John, I know you’re busy and so what I propose is to set myself up as your professional nag. What I’ll do is – from time to time -reach out to you and remind you that you want to do this program. Is that okay?”

Most genuine people will be happy to let you remind them. If they are invested in getting their business or personal financial work done with you, they will appreciate the gesture to keep at them.

Here’s a variation:

“Jane, I know you’re busy and most of my clients are. That’s why I’m asking your permission to be your professional nag. From time to time, I’ll reach out to you by email, text or a phone call and remind you of this conversation. Will that work?”

Most advisors I’ve suggested this to are thrilled to have a reason to keep contacting their busiest clients. It does work. If you find the client is pushing back (they say some version of “no, don’t remind me) then they may not really want to do their financial planning. In that case, you’ve got a different problem.

The end of my story is that John eventually DID hire me to do my training program. I have heard similar success stories from advisors as well.