Appointment Setting in a High Tech World

Technology has affected our world in a million ways. Direct sales people need to re-evaluate their marketing methods in order to increase their chances of getting a new prospect on the phone so they can have a face-to-face meeting. Appointment setting has changed and to be successful, you need to update how you approach your potential new clients.

This seminar addresses these changes and asks a critical question: What is the “magic mix” of digital, personal and vocal contact in our current high tech environment?  

Technology also allows us to offer you more options for how to train your sales team and all our seminars can be combined with use of our Video Learning Center.

We offer four options for how to utilize a full day of training.  Each seminar for the producers covers the following information:

  • Where are the prospects? Discussion of the best marketing techniques
  • What to do about the low contact rate
  • Knowing your mix of digital, vocal and personal communication
  • Critical social/verbal skills for today’s networking opportunities
  • Referrals vs. Introductions
  • What the real definition of an appointment is
  • How scripts are built
  • Applying the scripting structure to different leads
  • Dealing with “how are you” and “is this a good time to talk?”
  • Leaving voice mail (or not)
  • Best response handling ideas
  • Knowing when to back off and call the prospect at another time

There are four options for this program:

Option 1: Manager Meeting (dinner meeting before seminar), Producer Seminar 9:00 am- 1:00pm

Managers will discuss how they currently train and supervise lead generation and appointment setting to insure the seminar focuses on the agency’s needs

Option 2: Full Day Seminar  – This program focuses on the producers and their appointment setting phone calls.

Option 3: Seminar + Role Playing

The program focuses on the basics of understanding the appointment setting phone call and includes a 1 hour role playing session.

Option 4:  Seminar (3 hours) for Producers and Seminar (3 hours) for managers

This program has a dual focus – both the producers AND the management team.  The class runs until mid-afternoon and the last part of the day focuses the managers on: creating a better phone training program; coaching individual producers; providing effective group dialing sessions; understanding why an individual is unable to set enough appointments.


Telephone Tango: Setting Appointments in a No Pick-Up Culture

Technology has changed how we prospect and set appointments. This program teaches up-to-date concepts that increase your chances of speaking to a new prospect and scheduling that vital initial appointment. Our no-pick up culture requires us to bring the digital, the vocal and the personal (i.e. face-to-face) into our marketing so we don’t smash our heads on the brick wall of silence when we dial the phone. New ideas, such as becoming a contact, scheduling phone dates and changing referrals to introductions will become part of your new normal. How to adapt your scripting to these concepts will be discussed and practical role playing will reinforce these new behaviors.


From Appetizers to Appointments – Social Prospecting Skills 

Financial professionals need to have exquisite social skills in order to maximize their opportunities at networking events, parties, etc.  Our seminar addresses the need to be conversational and know when to pivot gracefully.  Since most agencies are teaching only the “elevator speech”, this seminar dives deep into situations that require more than just a simple statement of the work that you do.

The seminar covers:

  • What is social prospecting?
  • Developing gracious conversations
  • Creating the environment for a possible appointment
  • Making the follow up phone call
  • Understanding how to script these situations
  • The proper voice mail

This presentation can be contracted for an agency meeting,  key note speech or a half day training.

Implementing Your Phone Coaching System

Most people are promoted to management based on a strong selling career. However, being in management requires updating your skills on phoning and marketing so you can teach these to your new recruits.
Unfortunately, most managers focus on selling and do not provide enough time for teaching lead generation and phoning. Your agency may be ready to confront this challenge. The development and coaching of new agents requires different skills than being a producer.  Many managers feel more comfortable training their agents on selling and closing than marketing and phoning.

This program is for your management team. The end goal is to provide the agency with a complete, easy-to-implement phone training system.

The content of the program:

  • Initial training of phone skills
  • Proper coaching of phone calls
  • Managing each associate’s marketing program
  • Successfully launching the Project 200
  • Diagnosing why a producer doesn’t have enough appointments
  • Conducting a group dialing session
  • Warm up exercises for skill building

The manager’s program can be the second part of a full day event at the agency. (See option #4 above). Or, we can conduct a half day program for the managers if the agency chooses to combine it with a subscription to our Video Learning Center.

Appointment Setting for Office Professionals

Many high functioning financial professionals have their own office personnel do their phone calling.  Our half day program trains this critical member of your team by giving them an understanding of how these calls need to be structured.  In addition, time is spent on dealing with difficult people since your assistant is usually the person who first encounters an upset or angry client.  The seminar covers:

  • Scripting
  • Handling How Are You
  • Substitution for is this a good time?
  • Voice Mail
  • Response Handling
  • Difficult  People

Recruiting Calls Made Easy

Recruiting is the life’s blood of the financial services industry.  However, many sales managers and recruiters do not maximize the initial phone call to create a face-to-face interview.  Too many managers make common mistakes – they have the wrong focus on the call, they start selling the position, they are overly convincing, they monologue, and they show off.  This presentation breaks down the recruiting phone call into components that will control the manager’s verbiage so that they get the information they really need – which is to answer the question  – Do they have the “right stuff”?

We customize our programs to fit what you need. Please contact us to discuss your agency’s phone training program and how we can be a resource.

Key Note Speeches

Gail is available to speak to your team at conferences, agency meetings or education days. Call our number below or contact us to discuss any of our main platform presentations.