WEB SPECIAL: Appointment Setting in a High Tech World (CD) and Scripts & Tips (Book)


Appointment Setting Mastery AND Scripts & Tips TOGETHER, discounted! *Best Value


Product Description

Get Appointment Setting in a High Tech World PLUS Scripts and Tips at a discounted price.

Appointment Setting in a High Tech World

This two hour CD covers the basic techniques that should be known by any salesperson that must set appointments by phone. Most often, we haven’t been trained to understand this important phone call. Listening to this CD will help you to analyze what is happening during the very short call you are making to a new prospect. Scripting, response handling, lead generation, keeping statistics, confirming appointments, dealing with gatekeepers and knowing when to fire someone are all covered in detail. (For Financial Professionals, the companion Scripts & Tips book will be an important complement to this CD.)

Scripts and Tips

The best, most complete book of scripts written for the insurance agent or financial advisor who has to set appointments. Edited bi-annually to assure that you are getting the best words to use with today’s prospect. Don’t reinvent the wheel and write your own scripts – use the ones that have been tested and proven to get you more appointments. Includes scripts for natural market, referrals, target markets, seminar prospecting, networking – just about every type of marketed prospect you might call. Included are answers to the most common questions and objections.

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